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What is Employment Visa ?

A Work Visa is a type of Visa That Grants the Holder Authorization to Accept Employment in a Foreign Country. It May be issued as a stamp on the passport or as a separate Document. It is needed to enter the country for the purpose of performing paid work

Steps Involved in the Employment Visa Processing In UAE

1. Offer Letter

Documents Required For Offer Letter :

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Passport-size Photos 
  • Attested Certificates (If any )

2. Labour Insurance

Employment Insurance issued by MOHRE (The Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratization )

3. Labour Card Payment

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes

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4. Entry Permit

An E-Visa will be created for the employee within 2 months of Validity. Within 2 Months, they have to change their status (Employees inside the country) or enter the country (For employees outside the Country ), If not E-Visa will automatically expire after 2 months.

Documents Required :

  •  Passport size photo
  •  Passport Copy 
  • Labour Card Payment Application

5. Change Status

E-Visa will be converted to change status (Only Applicable for Employees inside the Country)

6. Medical

Medical fitness inspection By the Health Department of Corresponding Emirates

7. Emirates ID

Documents Required :

  • scanned passport copy
  • Passport size Photo
  •  E-Visa & Change status

8. Visa Stamping

Documents Required 

  • Emirates ID Application
  • Passport Copy
  • E-Visa 

9. Tawjeeh

Labour Class for employees in Tawjeeh Centres for Unskilled employees.

Who can apply for an Employment visa in UAE ???

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  •  People who are on a Visit Visa in UAE 
  •  People who are outside the Country
  •  People who are on their canceled Visas