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About VARA (Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority)

Dubai’s Virtual Assets Authority (VARA )is an innovative Regulatory Body dedicated to overseeing and fostering the development of the Virtual Asset Industry in Dubai. Established by the Dubai Government, VARA plays a pivotal role in creating a secure and transparent ecosystem for virtual assets within the Region. With a Focus on investor protection, financial stability, and market integration, VARA implements robust regulatory Frameworks and guidelines that ensure compliance among virtual assets service providers. By providing a clear regulatory framework, VARA instills confidence in market participants and promotes responsible Growth and innovation in Dubai’s Virtual Assets Sector. 

Through its proactive approach, VARA aims to position Dubai as a leading Global hub for Virtual assets businesses, attracting both domestic and international players seeking a supportive and regulated environment for their ventures.

Establish your Virtual Assets Company In Dubai with Firstline !!


Starting a virtual assets company in Dubai with the guidance of Licensed Virtual Asset Service Providers and Firstline Documents Services can be a strategic approach. Here’s a suggested plan to establish your Virtual assets company In Dubai:

Research and Compliance:

    • Conduct thorough research on the virtual asset industry, including the regulatory framework set forth by the Dubai government.
    • Familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements and regulations for virtual asset companies in Dubai.
    • Seek guidance from Firstline Documents Services to ensure compliance with the necessary legal and regulatory obligations.

Business Formation:

    • Determine the most suitable legal structure for your virtual assets company, such as a limited liability company (LLC) or a free zone company.
    • Consult with Firstline Documents Services to understand the incorporation process and obtain the required licenses and permits from relevant authorities.

Partnership with Licensed Virtual Asset Service Providers:

    • Collaborate with Licensed Virtual Asset Service Providers,  to leverage their expertise in virtual asset services.
    • Engage with Firstline to determine how their services can support your company’s operations, such as compliance advisory, documentation management, or licensing assistance.
    • Establish a partnership agreement that outlines the scope of services, responsibilities, and terms between your company and the VASP’s.

Compliance Management:

    • Work closely to develop robust compliance policies and procedures tailored to virtual asset regulations in Dubai.
    • Implement comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.
    • Regularly update and enhance your compliance program based on evolving regulations and industry best practices.

Infrastructure and Technology:

    • Develop a secure and scalable technology infrastructure to support your virtual asset company’s operations.
    • Collaborate with Firstline to ensure the implementation of robust security measures, encryption protocols, and storage solutions to safeguard virtual assets and customer data.

Talent Acquisition and Training:

    • Assemble a skilled team with expertise in virtual assets, compliance, technology, and business development.
    • Collaborate with the VASP’s to identify key roles and skill requirements within your company and establish a hiring strategy.
    • Provide training and ongoing professional development to your team members to ensure they stay updated with industry trends and regulatory changes.

Marketing and Branding:

    • Develop a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy to build awareness and attract customers to your virtual asset company.
    • Work with VASP’s to create compelling marketing materials and online presence that highlight your company’s unique value proposition and regulatory compliance.

Continuous Growth and Compliance:

    • Regularly assess the regulatory landscape and stay updated with changes in virtual asset regulations in Dubai.
    • Collaborate with VASP’s to adapt your operations, policies, and procedures to maintain compliance with the evolving regulatory requirements.
    • Seek opportunities for business growth, strategic partnerships, and market expansion while ensuring ongoing compliance with licensing obligations.

Remember, the virtual asset regulatory landscape may evolve, and it is essential to stay updated with the latest guidelines and seek guidance from legal professionals and regulatory authorities to ensure compliance throughout your company’s journey.

Apply for a VARA license (Steps)


Applying for a VARA FMP License is completed in two stages; First, the application for initial approval to establish a legal entity and to commence operational setup, then an application for the FMP license.

For New Firms :

  1. Initial Approval Application
  • Submit an Initial Disclosure Questionnaire [IDQ] to Dubai Economy & Tourism [DET] or a relevant Free Zone Authority [FZA]
  • Provide additional documentation as required. Such documentation will include a business plan and details of the firm’s beneficial owners and senior management
  • Pay initial fees [normally 50% of license application fee] required to commence the application review
  • Receive an Initial Approval to finalize the firm’s legal incorporation and to complete operational set-up including office space rental, employee onboarding, and so forth. NOTE: At this point, the firm is not permitted to carry on Virtual Asset activities

VARA reserves the right not to issue an Initial Approval should the firm’s activities fall outside the regulatory perimeter or where a firm may not meet appropriate standards to be regulated.

        2. Full Market Product (FMP) License Application

Following receipt of an Initial Approval a firm can apply for an FMP License: 

  • Prepare and submit documentation according to the guidance provided by VARA upon receipt of the Initial Approval 
  • Receive feedback directly from VARA on the submission which may include meetings, interviews, and submission of further documentation 
  • Pay the remaining portion of applicable license fees and first year’s supervision fees 
  • Receive an FMP License, which may be subject to operational conditions 

Details of VARA’s Licensing and Supervision fees can be found in Schedule 2 of the Virtual Assets and Related Activities Regulations 2023.

Details of VARA’s Capital Requirements can be found in Part IV of the Company Rulebook.

VARA reserves the right not to issue an FMP Licence should the firm’s activities fall outside the regulatory perimeter or where a firm may not meet appropriate standards to be regulated.

For Existing Firms
  • Firms carrying on VA Activities in or from Dubai [excluding DIFC] prior to 7 February 2023, were required to contact their commercial licensor (DET or the relevant FZA) by 30 April 2023 to submit an Initial Disclosure Questionnaire (IDQ).

    Firms that did not complete the IDQ by 30 April 2023 should contact their commercial licensor urgently and arrange to do so.

    For firms that have completed an IDQ, VARA has commenced issuance of Application Acknowledgement Notices (AAN). Upon receipt of an AAN, a firm must complete an FMP Licence application by 31 August 2023


Licensed VASP's (Virtual Assets Service Providers)


The Dubai government, through its Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), has established a comprehensive framework for the regulation of virtual asset service providers (VASPs). VARA ensures that VASPs operating in Dubai adhere to strict regulatory standards and meet the necessary licensing requirements. The list of licensed VASPs is curated by VARA, comprising reputable companies that have successfully undergone rigorous vetting and compliance processes.

These licensed VASPs are authorized to provide a range of services related to virtual assets, including cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, and custodial services. By listing licensed VASPs, VARA aims to create a trustworthy ecosystem for virtual assets in Dubai, promoting investor confidence, consumer protection, and overall market integrity. Investors and users can rely on the services offered by licensed VASPs, knowing that they are operating under the oversight and regulation of VARA, thus contributing to the growth and development of Dubai’s virtual asset industry.

Here is the list of  VASP’s listed by VARA 

  •  OKX Middle East Fintech FZE
  • Komainu MEA
  •  CRO DAX Middle east(
  • BITOasis Technologies FZE
  • GC Exchange (GCEX) FZE
  • Hex Trust MENA FZE
  • Binance FZE

Why Firstline ?


Setting up a virtual assets company in Dubai has become significantly easier with the assistance of Firstline. As a trusted partner, Firstline offers comprehensive support and expertise to streamline the entire process of establishing your virtual assets company.

Firstline has a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and licensing requirements specific to the virtual asset industry in Dubai. We are well-versed in the necessary documentation, procedures, and compliance frameworks needed to successfully set up a virtual assets company.

You can leverage Our experience and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the regulatory environment. We will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that all legal and regulatory obligations are met, and all necessary licenses and permits are obtained.

In addition to our expertise in regulatory matters, Firstline provides a range of services that can contribute to the ease of setting up your virtual assets company. Our services may include assistance with business formation, compliance management, technology infrastructure setup, and ongoing support for your operational needs.

With Firstline’s assistance, you can save valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your virtual assets business. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services and dedication to client satisfaction make us an ideal partner for entrepreneurs looking to establish a virtual assets company in Dubai.

In conclusion, by collaborating with Firstline, you can benefit from Our expertise, guidance, and comprehensive services, making the process of setting up your virtual assets company in Dubai significantly easier and more efficient.

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